I Just Uploaded a free E-Book

I wanted to let everyone know that I just uploaded a free e-book. To download a copy of “A Simple Overview of Financial Planning. Book 1: Market Overview”, please click this link or go to the menu on the top of the page.

The free e-book contains information about my beliefs in regards to investment management. It also contains information that I personally think is very valuable for everyone to know. Please read it through and contact me with any questions or comments. The table of contents is below:

Chapter 1: Talk in Plain Speech
Chapter 2: Your Financial Advisor Can’t Beat the Market
Chapter 3: Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 4: Means of Deceit
Chapter 5: Short Term Trading is a Bad Idea
Chapter 6: Tax Brackets
Chapter 7: Definitions


As I’m writing these to help my readers, I would be very appreciative of any input in regards to what I should write next. If you want me to write about a particular topic, please contact me. If you would like to submit a post to my blog, please contact me.

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