Fear of an Interest Rate Hike Has Caused The Stock Market To Go Down a Lot Recently, Should I Be Worried?

In Short I don’t think you should be worried. I think it’s a temporary fear pit and it will quickly stabilize. Nothing Has Actually Happened Yet The market declined on the fear of an interest rate hike, but no hike … Continue reading

Is It a Bad Idea to Take Out a Loan to Start an Investment Portfolio?

In Short Probably. I would generally not suggest taking out a loan to create a portfolio (although I did exactly that once). The Investment Returns Cannot Be Counted Upon to be Higher Than the Loan Interest It would make sense … Continue reading

I Just Uploaded a free E-Book

I wanted to let everyone know that I just uploaded a free e-book. To download a copy of “A Simple Overview of Financial Planning. Book 1: Market Overview”, please click this link or go to the menu on the top … Continue reading

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Stock in a Company You Work For?

Short Answer Buying stock in the company you work for is usually but not always a bad idea. Emotional Objectivity You have to evaluate the prospects/value of the company. If you work there, you will be sucked up in the … Continue reading