How to Calculate Future Value and Present Value of an Appreciating Asset

Introduction In an earlier post, I defined what future value and what present value is. In this post, I’m going to go through some of the mathematics of how you can calculate those values. How to Calculate Future Value The … Continue reading

How to Make Money with Stocks

Introduction There are 2 main ways (on the investor end) that people make money with stocks and I decided to list them out for you below. Those ways are via appreciation/depreciation or by dividends. Appreciation/Depreciation Whether it’s directly or indirectly (though … Continue reading

What is Present Value/Future Value and the Real Value of Money?

What is Present Value/Future Value? With any asset, it will get more or less valuable over time (due to appreciation/depreciation and/or cash flow). Present Value is the value of that asset today. If you put 1000 dollars into an investment … Continue reading