Daniel Dollinger CPA, CFP® Services (investment management, financial planning, tax services, consulting, accounting)

Investment Management

Summary: I’ll help craft you a portfolio based on your goals, risk tolerance, and other details. We’ll change the portfolio when your situation changes.

Details: I manage investment portfolios on a fee-only basis. This management is through a separate corporation, Dollinger Management, Inc. The company is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). As part of my investment management services, I evaluate each client’s risk tolerance, financial goals and tax situation. Then together with your help we will then construct a customized long-term portfolio (using index mutual funds, stocks, and bonds). As the market moves or your risk tolerance, goals or timeframe changes, we will work together to rebalance your portfolio across asset classes.

Financial Planning

Summary: I’ll help you plan so you have enough money for any goals that you have.

Details: I am a fee-only financial planner. I provide complete investment planning, retirement planning, education planning, charitable planning and gifting strategies. We can evaluate your existing investment portfolio whether it’s managed by yourself or another advisor, or it is part of an employer-based plan such as a 401K or government plan. I can help you assess when to retire. I can help you give to charity. I will teach you how to gift to the next generation. I will show you how to pay for education. I will work with you to find the insurance that fits in with your financial plan. I will work with you to determine timeframe, goals and risk tolerance. We will take those actions with your tax situation in mind.

Tax Services

Summary: I’ll advise you on what you should do in your tax situation. I’ll prepare any tax returns that you have. I’ll help you with trust and estate planning. 

Details: I offer tax services (planning and tax return preparation) to individuals and businesses for every state in the country. Tax returns (a key part of the tax services I offer) include all individual forms (1040 and all forms), corporations (1120 or 1120S), partnerships (1065), limited liability companies (1065 and occasionally 1120S), fiduciary, trusts and estates (1041), gift (709), and inheritance returns (706). I have experience saving clients’ money with practical solutions to tax problems. I know the rules and know how to apply them. My clients are seldom audited. If they are, I defend them to the very best of my ability and I am usually successful. Another part of the tax services I have expertise in is trust and estate planning.

Financial, Investment, Business Development, and Tax Services Consulting

Summary: I’ll give you advice on an hourly basis on the above topics.

Details: Provided on an hourly basis. Ability to review educational, estate, and retirement planning. Will review budgets. I will develop strategies according to your goals. Review employer 401k investment choices. Act as independent consultant to investment committees and non-profit organizations. Will design investment plans and allocations for individuals or entities. Will run risk analysis and design full financial plans. Will help design any marketing materials and will help draft proposals.


Summary: I’ll prepare your financial statements and handle bookkeeping.

Details: Monthly bookkeeping and financial statements for various companies. I receive original source material such as check stubs, daily sales sheets and bank statements and sometimes QuickBooks files. I reconcile all data and accounts and produce accurate timely financial statements.

Services can be provided in English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Pohnpeian. Services can be provided in-person and/or remotely. If you wish to discuss any of these services, please call me at (503) 363-1550 or e-mail me at daniel@danieldollinger.com. You can also contact me through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. If you have a specific question, please send it to me through Facebook. I answer questions there all the time. I’m always happy to help.

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